Data Management

When users entering their Workspace of Jupyter Notebook, they will see the tree of filesa and directories. Users can perform Rename and Delete operating while selecting some files.

Click New - Folder can create a folder. Click New - Text File can create a text file with name untitled.txt,and enter the File Editing webpage.

Click Upload, users can upload their data files to the Workspace. For technical reasons, Broken-point Continuingly-transferring is not supported now. For large data file, it is better to use server-server transfering method. Users can open Terminal, using wget or curl to download from some HTTP server. This has an advantage: even if the browser is closed, the downloading is still continuing in the background. Therefore it is the recommended way of transfering large data files.

Using wget

$ wget -c

Using curl

$ curl -O

Note: The ~/nfs directory is the Dataspace. The files in Dataspace will be shared among all containers in the vcluster, and are persistent. Files in other directory are all transient, will be destroyed when the container is deleted.

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