LaTeX Example

Docklet provides the full TeX Live 2015. Users can edit and compile LaTeX source files, generating pdf files in WEB Terminal. Then open the resulting pdf file in Jupyter Dashboard to check the output.

Hello World

A very simple hello.tex :

\title{My \LaTeX ~Hello World}
\author{Zhang San}
\date{Feb 20, 2016}
Hello World!

Compile using pdflatex or xelatex:

$ xelatex hello
$ ls
hello.aux hello.log hello.pdf hello.tex

CJK Char Support

In TeX Live 2015, xeCJK + xelatex provides very good support for CJK and any other non-ASCII chars. For CJK users, they only need to use the xeCJK package in their source file, and then comile using xelatex, which will automatially use the available truetype fonts in the system path, usually /usr/share/fonts. No extra work needed.

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